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Product Features

ITW Drawn Metals’ tooling design utilizes the full capability of the tools and the presses used to produce the part. Features like bulges, beads, and steps are added as the part moves through the tooling. Other intricate details like multiple holes, lances and cutouts, as well as in-line leak proof testing and product positioning censoring can also be introduced or achieved in the press.
ITW Drawn Metals can customize your part design with the following features:
Roll Threading
Threads are formed onto the part using a thread forming roll and arbor.
            Roll Threading             Roll Threading
Material is displaced creating a larger diameter ring beyond the original body diameter in order to add strength or to create a flange type feature. Typically the largest ring has two to three times the original thickness per side.
Tooling Beading DST Beading
Material is displaced or stretched so that a portion of the part’s diameter is forced to protrude from the surrounding geometry.
HT190 Bulge bulging
Localized thinning that occurs during sheet metal forming prior to fracture. A portion of the part is reduced in diameter to less than the major diameter.  There is a significant transition from one diameter to the other.
Necking Necking Group
Part identification can be coined into the finished part.
Stamping Holley Marking
Reverse Draw
Tooling inverts the material to create an internal diameter.
Reverse Draw Reverse Draw
Side Pierce
Multiple holes are pierced in the side wall of the part. These holes may be round or shaped. The size of the pierce is critical due to slug removal issues.
Side Pierce Side Pierce
Side Notch
A round, square, or shaped notch is cut in the edge on the open end of the part.
Notching Notching Group
Various Shapes
Round, square or shaped stampings can be achieved in the deep draw process.
Various Shapes Various Shapes Group