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Fuel Systems Stamping

ITW Drawn Metals created a one piece deep drawn plate with tube replacing four machined parts of a five piece assembly. The machining requirements, including brazing and leak integrity, are now checked in line. This equaled a savings of approximately $0.35 cents per part.
Fuel Filter End Plate Group ITW Drawn Metals manufactures deep drawn metal stampings for many of the areas within an automotive fuel delivery system.  First to market with a one-piece integral fuel filter over 20 years ago, ITW Drawn Metals consistently pushes the envelope in product design and material development for fuel system components. 
Fuel Filter End Plate Other parts include components for fuel pumps, fuel injectors, fuel rails, capless fuel fillers, fuel funnels, filter end plates, collars, tubes, beaded tubes and fuel filters
Group Small Ht 168 Fuel Filter Parts Fuel Fill Restric
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