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Prot WorkersThe ITW Drawn Metals prototype department is staffed by highly experienced tool makers and tool engineers. This department supports early design and feasibility review of customer concepts, taking parts from concept to reality while adhering strictly to the principles of deep draw manufacturing.
We have found that “production intent” prototypes, while initially a bit more costly, are critical for many customers, especially those producers of air bags, fuel systems and braking systems.  True production intent samples respond correctly and accurately in test and can verify the critical design and performance characteristics of an assembly in the early stages. This is a huge time saver for designers trying to bring a product to market.
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When part design is verified and a part is released for production, the knowledge gained in the prototype effort is transferred to the tool design team. Utilizing a “lessons learned” mentality, the prototype engineer automatically becomes a member of the APQP team and will follow that part through tool design, tool build /assembly and development.

The prototype group is also deeply involved in VAVE efforts of current customers.  Many examples of success stories can be shared where through “reverse engineering” our team has redesigned multipiece assemblies in to one-piece stamped components, or turned expensive screw machined parts in to less expensive stamped parts.

This is a valuable service that few others offer.
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