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Deep Drawn Capabilities

Eyelet (ICOP) Stampings      Die-Set Transfer Stampings      Progressive Stampings
Eyelet also called ICOP (Individual Cam Operated Plunger) presses are an excellent option for the production of smaller, lighter gage, more detailed deep drawn parts.
The die-set consists of both upper and lower plates which hold the individual work stations and is bolted in to a solid ram press.
Utilizing a die set, progressive stamping involves the formation of a part constrained within a material web which transfers the part station to station.
Assemblies & Secondary Operations Automated Inspection Prototypes
Extensive secondary operations include: aqueous part cleaning in barrel and ultrasonic type systems, vibratory deburring, staking, weld assembly and other light assembly operations.
Includes digital position sensors, high-speed hole presence and counting with analog measurement sensors specific to each part. In addition, post-stamping inspection is conducted through laser measurement as well as machine vision inspection.
The Prototype department provides early design and feasibility review of customer concepts in order to produce the prototype samples adhering to “production intent” principles.